The benefits of Concrete Block Veneer or Reinforced Concrete Block for cavity wall

It is the multifaceted and long-lasting wall is considered as the most cost-effective masonry cavity system.

It is very useful for the following types of building


  • It is most inexpensive among all the masonry cavity wall systems
  • Strong, fine-looking concrete block exterior over a structural concrete block backup system
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Insignificant long-term maintenance
  • Design is very flexible that contains various colors, textures and bond patterns
  • Concrete block backup functions as the structure, containing vertical and horizontal reinforcement grouted arranged properly
  • Cavity system characteristically weatherproof and is ideal for moist atmospheres
  • Contain superior insulating value and heat capacity
  • Fire resistance capability having fire ratings up to 4 hours.
  • Suitable for noisy situations – naturally controls sound
  • One trade fabricates both the structural and skin layers of the wall

Other features

  • Reduce life cycle cost offsets higher preliminary investment to a certain extent
  • Bigger foundation is required for developing this substantial wall system

Construction Tips

  • It is recommended to constantly utilize joint reinforcement in concrete masonry to facilitate managing shrinkage cracks – even in concrete masonry veneer.
  • Back bevel mortar joints will allow retaining extra mortar from falling down and blocking the drainage cavity.
  • Streamline construction by applying the equivalent mortar type on the veneer as the backup. Type N is generally fine for both, excepting in high seismic zones where Type S is essential.

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Benefits of Concrete Block Veneer for cavity wall