Brief demo of ASA Reinforcement Steel Software

aSa India develops aSa reinforced steel software that is very useful for the reinforcement steel (cut and bend) industry. Each step of the readymade steel process becomes automated which range from estimating and detailing, to production, material tracking, billing, and general accounting.

The software is specifically designed for construction companies, small and large cut and bend factories, reinforcement detailers, engineering firms, and placing firms all benefit from aSa software solutions.

The software offers the following benefits:-

  • Save huge amount of money by significantly minimizing reinforcement scrap
  • Reduce mistakes in fabrication.
  • Produce detailed easy-to-understand bar bending schedules, bundle tags, and management reports.

There are various types of modules in this reinforcement steel software which are described below :-

  • Estimating – Compute the costs for material and labor for any project.
  • ProRebar – Create model for concrete and rebar with building information modeling.
  • CAD/Detailing – Generate superior quality reinforcement placement drawings with the use of advanced CAD tools.
  • Bar Bending Schedule – Automatically generate bar bending schedules (BBS) directly from any drawing. Customize the BBS format and produce BBS reports.
  • Bar List/Order Entry – Instantly list material and quickly enter material with the easy entry screen. Automated hook and bending estimations.
  • Scheduling/Planning – Plan fabrication dates, delivery dates, and trailer loads.
  • Production – Make fabrication process automated: Tagging, Computer Shearing and Equipment Interfaces. The software has the ability to estimate the most accurate cutting combinations and generate shearing instructions for the plant crew.
  • Production Tagging – Ability to design your tag format independently. Smoothly print tags for a single or multiple BBS orders. Barcodes on tags make the process automatic for cut and bend equipment, material tracking, inventory relief etc.
  • Save Time – The software optimize cutting, bundling and material movement for optimal preciseness.

In order to get more information and download the software, click on the following link

ASA software