Benefits of Ready Mix Concrete

Cost and time for construction work is decreased significantly

If ready mix concrete is used in construction, the cost is decreased to a great extent with the reduction in the following:-

  • Curtailment in material wastage
  • Reduction in labor costs
  • Reduction in storage costs

As the ratio of all the ingredients is retained perfectly, reducing wastage is minimized greatly.

RMC reduces the number of manual laborers necessary for the production and at the same time reduce time that is spent by them on each casting.

Raw materials storage is costly as well as troublesome. RMC does not require on site storage and thus significantly decrease hassle and cost.

Maintain Quality

Quality control for on-site concrete is very crucial factor for the engineers and construction companies. Water-cement ratio and grading of the aggregates can’t be possible with the outdated concrete. With ready mix concrete, quality is maintained because of the advanced machineries and testing equipment.

Eco Friendly

More than 80% of the green house gases produced from structures are discharged through energy made for their ongoing heating and cooling. But, Insulated concrete wall systems contain high R-value and thermal mass with little air infiltration which can deliver greater thermal efficiency and highest energy performance over the life span of the building. As homes and buildings are built up with insulated concrete walls are not dependent on large daily temperature variations and owners can reduce heating and cooling bills by up to 25 percent. Low capacity equipment is used to create the design of heating, ventilating and air-conditioning to provide more savings. Besides, RMC can minimize the electricity consumption and dust at the construction site.

Reduction in maintenance costs

In the distant future, concrete Buildings and pavements withstand the test of time with their great strength and low maintenance needs, and provide major sustainable benefits over other structures. Moisture can damage other building materials with rust or rot and it can’t provide any harmful effect on concrete. Beside, termites and molds can not make any damage to concrete.

Apply local based Raw materials

The basic components of concrete are crushed stone or gravel, sand and water. These components form approximately 90% of the volume of the mixture and sufficiently available in our country.

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Benefits of Ready Mix Concrete