Brief Overview of Reinforced Cement Concrete

Concrete is, no doubt, a material that has been used for resisting compression. But, there is a drawback in the material as well. It has a very low tensile strength, a resistance power that prohibits the material from breaking under tension. To erase the problem and make concrete high in ductility and tensile strength, a modern reinforced cement concrete is generally introduced.

It is nothing but a process of combining concrete with a material that is high in ductility and strength to enhance the resistance power of concrete under pressure. There are many proven ways of preparing reinforced cement concrete, but the best reinforcement is done with steel – the material high in ductility and bonds with concrete very well.

Mild steel bars of 6mm to 32mm diameter have been used for reinforced cement concrete. The process involves making a cage of reinforcement where green concrete is poured in. the cage removes when the concrete gets hardened. The composite material works as a structural member to increase the pressure strength of concrete.

The qualities of a good Reinforced Cement Concrete:

  • It must have resistance against tensile, sheer forces and bending
  • It must be corrosion free
  • It must come up with fire resistance material
  • It has a long durability
  • It must be capable of taking any load

Even though the concrete gets high ductility through the reinforcement process, hair crack in concrete is an unavoidable factor. A good reinforced cement concrete ensures that the crack should stay within the permissible limit so that it cannot break under pressure.

R.C.C plays a major role in many areas of constructions such as:

  • Footing, columns, beams, roofs, slabs, stairs as a structural element.
  • Water tanks, dams, bins and bankers as storage element
  • Bridges, retaining walls and under water structure as a maintain structural element
  • Railway slippers and electric poles as pre-casting
  • Roads and airports for paving
  • Building atomic plants to avoid the danger of radiation
  • Multi storied building, chimneys and towers for maintaining the balance of tall structures.

Brief Overview of Reinforced Cement Concrete