Some useful construction programs for concrete foundations

A multi-purpose EMMA should have been utilized for vast majority of work that is associated with a physically quantifiable unit of construction work scope to be measured in tens, hundreds or thousands. As for instance, large earthmoving or excavation works; the set up of underground piping systems (eg drainage or water reticulation); a network of roads & paving; concrete foundations & structures; buildings & finishes; or boundary security fencing, etc.

The EMMA consists of 3 'pages', such as 'INPUT' (Basic data that should be inputted to make EMMA operative), 'TABLES' (Spreadsheets for inputting target & actual progress percentages, man hours etc), and 'CHARTS' (Where inputted spead sheets are demonstrated similar to S-curves & histograms). The EMMA is utilized for the following purposes :-

  • To arrange a target rate of progress (S-curve);
  • To arrange an estimation of man-hours that will be transformed to manpower requirements (histogram);

  • To record units estimated as complete each month;
  • To record man-hours spent every month, in this manner automatically comparing the genuine rate of advancement and real utilization of manpower, with planned rates.
  • Besides, unacceptable trends can thus be recognized and work re-scheduled, together with automatic amendments to manpower requirements that will result in achieving of target completion.

Preliminary needs for inputting are given below:-

  • The projected total quantity;
  • Interpretation of the unit (eg m3);
  • A calculation of man-hours necessary per unit;

  • The average number of hours executable each day;
  • The average number of days executable each week.

Subsequently, inputting should be compliant with notes submitted. NOTE: For the EMMA to work, values should have been inputted to all lines in Sheet 2 TABLES, from Month 1.

The application of an EMMA will be useful for anyone who takes the liability to finish a work scope package on or ahead of schedule.

Go through the following link to get the details of other online construction program.

cConcrete Foundation

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