Demo of roofing area and roofing material calculator

Given below, the brief demonstration of roofing area calculator and roofing area calculator.

These tools are utilized to work out the area and the materials required for any roof. While starting the calculation process, make sure that the eaves covered areas are taken into consideration.

The roofing area calculator should be applied for computing the area coverage of the house. If the house contains asymmetrical shape, the house covered area can be segregated into a few simple shapes and their area can be added in unison. The roof pitch determines the slope of the roof.


If the roof of your house contains complicated shape, the most perfect method is to calculate all the dimensions and include the areas of all surfaces. The area calculator will be applied for estimating the area of each surface. The mostly recognized roof materials in the United States are shingles, membrane roofing, ceramic tile, etc.

Normally, the longevity of a shingle roofs is for 15 to 30 year whereas Membrane roofing generally persist for 5 to 15 years. Ceramic tile roof is costly and it lasts for over 100 years.

Roof Pitch

As per terminology, the roof pitch refers to the vertical rise divided by the horizontal span.

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