Why one should start a fly ash bricks manufacturing business – Some vital points

Fly ash bricks are considered as vital building materials which are built up adhering to BIS standards in India. Fly ash bricks are consistent lasted for prolonged period as compared to normal red clay bricks or any other traditional building material.

Now-a-days fly ash bricks manufacturing becomes a profitable business in India due to its green brick technology. Given below, some reasons for entering into fly ash bricks manufacturing business.

1. Necessity Of Land : In order to launch this business, there should be minimum half acres of factory campus (though half acre is acceptable, 1 acre is suitable because of preserving and curing the bricks).

2. Position of factory: Organize you Factory Premises in 100 KM radius, adjacent to any of Thermal Power plants for getting fly ash quota approved from EB.

3. Accessibility of Water: To accelerate the fly ash brick manufacturing process, adequate water (if possible soft water) is required. Therefore, your factory should be developed in such an area where water is available easily.

4. Ecological Issues: If you discharge Fly ash and stock it in open space, severe air pollution will occur to the atmosphere. Therefore, your factory campus should not be located beside any residential area or any other factories that produce sensitive products which may cause damage with gathering of micro dust particles.

It is recommended to utilize silo’s to preserve the fly ash to get rid of such issues.

5. Total Project Cost: The total cost along with plant, machinery and working capital for starting this project will be calculated as Rs.30, 00,000/- approximately. This valuation is made on the basis of machineries having production capacity of 12,000 Bricks/ shift. (The valuation excludes the cost of diesel power generator).

6. Cement Manufacturers – Potential Competitors
Cement manufacturers have set up Giant Silo’s in Thermal Power Plants by investing money to acquire the fly ash stored. Evidently, they obtain the significant part of fly ash from Thermal Power Plants whereas the fly ash bricks manufacturers have to fight for getting their share legally.

Some Cement manufactures amalgamate 15% of fly ash to their cement. So, it is very clear that one should obtain fly ash quota from EB to operate the factory devoid of any interruption.

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Why one should start a fly ash bricks manufacturing business – Some vital points