Found Analysis and Design Of Retaining Walls

This is an exclusive construction document published by Dr. Amit Prashant. The document explores Foundation Analysis and Retaining Wall Design.

Customary Retaining Walls
Gravity Retaining Structures
Self weight of the wall determines the durability of the structure
Not cost-effective for design

Semi-gravity retaining structures
Least amount of reinforcement is applied in the wall to lessen the wall size
Cantilever Retaining Walls

Reinforced concrete is employed in wall design by lean stem and slab base
Considerably cost-effective for design
Counterfort/Buttressed Retaining Walls

It’s nature is equivalent to cantilever retaining walls. But lean slabs are utilized at some gaps to affix the base slab & stem with the purpose of minimizing the shear force and bending moment for creating more cost-effective design.

Retaining Wall Design : Proportioning
Initially, guess dimensions are selected for the retaining wall.
Then, the durability of the wall is examined.
Section is altered if it is unwanted from the durability or economy viewpoint.

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Design Of Retaining Walls

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