How to repair your roof efficiently with these useful tips

The roof is a part and parcel of any house. But in due course of time, the roof can be damaged and leaks may occur. To resolve these types of major issues, you should take help from a professional roofer. But, the minor issues can be handled independently by yourself. Given below, some useful tricks for repairing your roof :-

1) Focus on safety
Don’t go with any temporary solution. Don’t start any repairing work when there is snow fall or heavy rain. Take sufficient time, keep patience and let good weather be arrived so that the project can be finished securely.

2) Take necessary protection in advance
Sometimes repairing work for roof can be performed in some troublesome or feasibly insecure condition/position. So, it is suggested to wear a pair of rubber-soled shoes to get protection against slipping, as well as splice on a safety harness as backup fall protection.

3) Spray the roof
In order to find out any issue, spray water in different areas of the roof with the use of a hose pipe to examine where the water is draining perfectly or not. This method should be applied in summer only. It is recommended not to spray water in winter seasons, as it is completely unsafe to spray water on the roof in freezing temperatures.

4) Keep the gutters clean
Generally, leaking of roof occurs due to a choked gutter. A choked gutter will always accumulate water when there is a heavy rainfall.

5) Circumvent dry rot
This problem occurs because of scarcity of ventilation. If the problem occurs at the center of the roof, it is probably caused by corrosion of the plywood. In that case, the roof will start to sag, the shingles will turn out to be breakable with cracks, and the roof will start to leak. To get rid of dry rot, a ridge vent should be set up in combination with a soffit vent for perfect air circulation.

6) Avoid the accumulation of ice
In winter season, there is possibility of stockpiling of ice at the roof domes under the gutters, shingles and roof membrane which can develop an "ice dam.." Any ice that dissolves over the dam (because of the heat evading from the interior of the home) fails to drain correctly at the gutter and can discover a passageway into the home in the form of a leak. To get rid of this issue, a drip edge should be installed, together with ice and rain shields and proper ventilation.

7) Set the roof boots
Generally, leakage may occur frequently at skylights and other openings in the roof, so rubber boots are required to safeguard the edges of the opening. So, it is suggested to buy a new set of roof boots from any hardware store.

8) Examine the materials
If the shingles and nails are installed in improper way, leaks may occur. If the nails are driven in too low, they will start pushing up. If the shingles are defective, cracking may occur though they are installed and nailed properly. Therefore, examine your equipment prior to getting on the roof, and examine your work prior to leave.

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How to repair your roof efficiently with these useful tips

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