How to make analysis for shear force & bending moment diagram in beams

Beams are described as frequently utilized structural members mostly found in buildings. There are different types of applications of Beams toward bridges, automobiles or in mechanical systems. In this article, you will learn how to perform strength analysis of a beam.

Definition of Beam

In a beam transverse load becomes operative, that is generated from the slabs and transmitted to the column or walls. Beams are the part and parcel of any building structure. All the beam loads are transverse in nature.

For analysis purpose, a beam is treated as a portion of the beam column system. In this way, it is possible to define the external load that operates on individual beams. Once the load operating on individual beam is defined, beam is segregated from beam column system for making analysis once again.

Length of the beam is greater as compared to its lateral dimensions. Therefore, axial strain evolved in a beam is very small in contrast to shear strain, or strain induced because of bending.

To make the design of beams perfect, analysis of shear force and bending moment induced are considered as the most vital factors. It is possible to draw shear force and bending moment distribution along any beam, by gathering knowledge on what the shear force and bending moment means perfectly.

The shear force and bending moment both are induced in beam with the purpose of equalizing external load operating on it.

Shear Force

Shear force stands for the internal resistance generated in beam cross sections, so as to equalize the transverse external load operating on beam. Examine the following beam, it is not important from where you choose a section, while inserting forces operating on it, it should have been in equilibrium. Shear force is induced perfectly for this intension, to get the section to equilibrium in vertical direction. It operates parallel to cross section.

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