Behavior of Strip Footing on Multi-layered Geogrid Reinforced Sand Bed

This construction article is extracted from a B.Tech thesis for Civil engineering that focuses on soil reinforcement technology and its application. The purpose of this thesis is to provide brief explanation on the study of the behavior of centrally loaded strip foundation on multi layered geo-grid reinforced sand bed.

A strip footing alias wall footing belongs to a continuous strip of concrete that is developed to extend the weight of a load-bearing wall over an area of soil. It is the constituent of a shallow foundation.

Soil Reinforcement belongs to a robust and trustworthy method that can significantly improve the quality as well as sturdiness of soil.

The development of building and other civil engineering structures on feeble or soft soil is very dangerous as this type of soil is unstable to differential settlements, inferior shear strength, and high compressibility. Different types of methods for enhancing the soil quality are utilized to improve the engineering properties of soil.

The hardened soil or earth that is prepared mechanically is a condensed soil fill and it is reinforced with the support of flexible constituents like geogrids, geotextiles, metal bars and strips. Currently, it is arranged in consequential development industry for constructing different types of structures like holding dividers, banks over delicate soil, steep inclines and so on.

In this construction article, the outcome of Lab model test towards a definitive bearing limit concerning a strip establishment sustained on multi-layered geogrid strengthened sand and dependent on focal stacking are demonstrated. Incomparable types of geogrid Tensar BX1100 and categorization of sand at one relative thickness were applied.

The reinforced soil stands for the soil on which its engineering performance becomes superior with the provision of the metallic, synthetic or geogrids.

The provision of geogrid reinforcement communicates anisotropic mechanical properties, superior stiffness, tensile strengths, superior bearing capacity to the foundation soil.

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Behavior of Strip Footing on Multi-layered Geogrid Reinforced Sand Bed