Design of Steel Structure – An exclusive app for civil engineering students

Design of steel structure is a useful civil engineering app that can be utilized for instant revision of steel structure design. This construction fulfils the following purposes :-

  • Design of beams and plate girders with solid webs
  • Determination of size of plate
  • Design of base plate for thickness
  • Shear buckling design methods
  • Plates and cylindrical shells with dents and permanent

This app sheds light on different types of topics like curvature analysis, structural analysis, steel calculation, steel structures and structural design.

This civil app comprises of all the Design of Steel Structure associated with 160 topics in 5 chapter in very easy to use and instructive language with proper diagrams to facilitate Civil Engineering (CE) students to attain good marks in exams.

The app can be treated as a vital resource for Exams, Viva, Assignments and Job interviews for civil engineering students.

By applying the search functionality inside the app, it is possible to re-evaluate any subject related concept right away.

The civil engineering students can employ it toward last minute preparations.

Given below, an extensive lists of topics included in the ebook app:-

1. Degrees of Freedom and Indeterminacy

2. Statically Indeterminate Structures -Direct Stiffness Method

3. Member Stiffness Matrix

4. Coordinates Transformation

5. Displacement Transformation

6. Assembly of Structure Stiffness Matrix

7. Calculation of Member Forces

8. Treatment of Internal Loads

9. Treatment of Pins

10. Temperature Effects

11. Temperature Gradient

12. Elastic and Plastic Behavior of Steel

13. Moment - Curvature Relationship in an Elastic - Plastic Range

14. Elastic - Plastic Behavior

15. Fully Plastic Section

16. Plastic Hinge

17. Comparison of Linear Elastic and Plastic Designs

18. Limit States Design

19. Overview of Design Codes for Plastic Design

20. General Elastoplastic Analysis of Structures

The app is available in google play store. Click on the following link to download the app as well as familiar with the more features of the app.

Steel Structure App