Design a highway bridge efficiently with west point bridge designer

West Point Bridge Designer is a powerful construction program that offers you the toolset to model, test, and optimize a steel highway bridge on the basis of reasonable specifications, constraints, and performance criteria. The software can optimize the bridge design process by fulfilling all of the design specifications as well as passing through a simulated load test and reducing the costs significantly.

West Point Bridge Designer functions in the following ways:-

With bridge designer, it will be possible to design a highway bridge in the similar manner that a civil engineers apply for creating design of the real highway bridges.

  • You will be provided with a condition for making the design of a steel truss bridge to arrange a two-lane highway over a river.
  • You will get the option to select from an extensive range of various site configurations for your bridge. Each will motivate your bridge to develop in a diverse way.
  • You can produce a design for your bridge by making a sketch of it on your computer screen.
  • As soon as your first design effort is finished, the West Point Bridge Designer will examine your bridge to ensure that it has adequate strength to bear the stipulated highway loads. This examination comprises of a full-color animation that demonstrates a truck crossing your bridge. If your design is consistent, there will be no problems for the truck to cross it in an efficient manner. If the truck fails to perform it, the structure will fall down.
  • If your bridge falls downs, it is possible to improve its strength by making a change in the properties of the structural components with which the bridge is built up. Alternatively, the configuration of the bridge itself can also be modified.
  • After successfully bearing the highway loading devoid of collapsing, you can carry on adjusting your design, with the purpose of reducing its cost whereas making sure that it is sufficiently powerful to bear the stipulated loads.

The West Point Bridge Designer provides you the full adaptability to produce designs with any shape or configuration according to your preference. By generating the design is quickly and efficiently, it is possible to test with several other configurations as you perform to get the optimal solution. The West Point Bridge Designer can deal with complicated mathematical calculations easily in order that the users can focus on the imaginative part of the design process.

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West Point Bridge Design