How to calculate the quantity of soil for filling a plot

In this short construction article, simple explanation is given on how to work out the quantity of soil in cubic feet or cubic meter for filling any plot as well as the number of trolley or trucks necessary. The quantity that will be required depends on the space to be filled up.

Given below the chart of Inch to Feet:-

Inch to Feet

Suppose the length of the plot is taken as 50 feet and width is taken as 21 feet.

To calculate the area of the plot, the following formula will be used:-

Length x Width i.e. 50 x 21 = 1050 square feet

The depth of filling is taken as 3 feet 3 inches. After converting we get 3.25 feet

So, the volume will be = 1050 x 3.25 = 3412.5 cubic feet

Therefore, the required quantity of soil = 3412.5 cft

To convert the quantity to cubic meter, just divide it with 35.31 i.e. 3412.5 / 35.31 = 96.64 M3

Suppose, the carrying capacity of tractor trolley is 80 feet

So, the number of trolley required = 3412.5 / 80 = 42.65 = 43 (approx)

Suppose the carrying capacity of Hyva is 500 feet

So, the number of trolley required = 3412.5 / 500 = 6.82 = 7 (approx)

Filling Plot