How to perform engineering calculations with Microsoft Excel

Prima Squat, the renowned structural engineer, has conducted an exclusive online course to teach how to perform engineering calculations with Microsoft excel.

With excel, it becomes easier for a engineer to revolve all day-to-day engineering calculations as well as write various complicated formulas or iterations.

This course is specifically structured to produce your personal custom-made engineering calculations quickly. Besides, you will be able to update formulas in your calculation according to your choice. This type of solution is desired by each engineer as it provides open-source solution through robust programmable tools that can be accomplished right away.

The course will sheds light on the following topics: -

  • How to make cells to put input parameters perfectly
  • How to produce a sketch with annotations of input parameters
  • How to create cells where results of calculation will be written
  • How to form a push button, where you will set off start of the calculation
  • How to write code to make calculation
  • How to write code to demonstrate the results of calculation
  • How to make calculation

This course will also provide a useful guidance on how to utilize excel to make practical engineering calculation for structural analysis. Besides, one can also learn briefly how to input data, identify formulas and actually make calculation along with how to exhibit results and format cells for obtaining results of calculation.

Online Engineering Calculation

To watch the live demonstration of the course, go through the following video.

Video Courtesy : GrSoft Structural Engineering

Engineering Calculations