Some useful terminologies associated with concrete bridge construction

Given below, some useful terminologies associated with concrete bridge structures:-


It is the vital portion of a structure that provides support to the end of a span or bears the force of an arch. It frequently supports and sustains the approach embankment.

Anchor span

It is situated at the furthermost end. It balances the member of span that stretches in the opposite direction from a major point of support. It is frequently connected to an abutment.


It is situated at the furthermost ends. It is the inherent portion of a suspension bridge where the cables are joined. It is equivalent in location to an abutment of a beam bridge.


It belongs to a pipe or channel that is open or enclosed to transmit water. It can be also utilized as part of a canal to transmit boats. It is often conveyed through a bridge.


It belongs to a curved structure that provides support to a vertical load primarily through axial compression.

Arch barrel

It belongs to the inward surface of an arch to expand the total width of the structure.

Arch ring

It is the exterior course of stone to build up the arch. It is constructed with a series of voussoirs. An archivolt belongs to an arch ring with ornamental moldings.


It is an aesthetic railing, that is specifically built up with concrete or stone along with the top and bottom rail. The support provided to the vertical direction is known as ballusters. It also comprises of larger vertical supports known as stanchions.

Baltimore truss

It is a subdivided Pratt truss that is normally built up for the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. It contains angled end posts as well as a straight and horizontal top chord.

Bascule bridge

It is a bascule bridge having a movable span (leaf) that revolves on a horizontal hinged axis (trunnion) to lift up one end vertically. A big counterweight is utilized to offset to weight of the raised leaf. It may contain a single raising leaf or two which intersect in the center when closed.

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