How to work out the size and capacity of a rectangular type water tank

This article is very useful for civil engineering students and it’s also based on making calculation of the size and capacity of the water tank.

In this article, you will learn the process for finding out the volume of water in a residential flat and the required size of the water tank.

It is known that according to Indian Standard Code, 135 litres of water is required for day to day usage for each person each day. It means 135 litres is required for a single person.

The following segregation (water usage) is assumed as per IS code:-

Drinking purpose = 5 litre

Cooking purpose = 5 litre

Bathing & toilet purpose = 85 litre

For the purpose of washing clothes = 30 litre

Cleaning house = 10 litre

Computation of water tank size and capacity

For a standard family comprising of 4 members

Total quantity of water needed = 135 x 4 = 650 litre each day

It is known that the thickness of water is as follow:-

1m3 = 1000 litre

1 litre = 1/1000 m3

1 litre = .001m3

Therefore, for 650 litres, the volume of water will be as follow:-

650 x .001m3 = .65m3

Suppose, the thickness of water tank = 0.6 m

So, the area of the tank will be determined as follow:-

Volume/thickness = 0.65/0.6 = 1.083 m2 unit

As, the area can be calculated with the formula = length x breadth

So, length x breadth = 1.083

Assume L = 2B

By putting the value of L, we get 2B x B = 1.083

B2 = 1.083/2 = 0.54

B = √0.54

B = 0.74 m

As, L = 2B

By putting the value of B, we get 2 x 0.74 = 1.47 m

Therefore, the dimension of 650 litre of water tank is as follow:-

Length = 1.47 m

Breadth = 0.74 m

Depth = 0.6 m

Rectangular Tank