Download Concrete Mix Design Spreadsheet

In civil construction works, mix design plays an important role. This excel based concrete mix design spreadsheet is very user-friendly that will find out the preferred quantity for concrete mix in your construction site. It contains understandable interface. One can just provide the needed value and obtain the mix design quantities required for the construction site.

The estimating spreadsheet will facilitate the users to compute the ratio among water, cement, coarse aggregate and fine aggregate necessary for creating the design of concrete mixes.

Mix design is described as the method of choosing appropriate constituents of concrete as well as ascertaining their relevant proportions with the purpose of developing concrete of specific minimum strength and longevity as inexpensively as possible.

It has been always very difficult to determine perfect mix proportions with the use of table or computer data. The materials applied in concrete mix are substantially inconstant and lots of of their properties cannot be measured properly and quantifiably as the properties of the constituents (cement, sand, aggregate, water and admixture) may fluctuate from time to time.

The requirements which develop the foundation of selection and proportioning of mix ingredients are given below :

    a) The lowest compressive strength needed from structural point of view.

    b) The sufficient workability is required for full compaction with the accessible compacting equipment.

    c) Highest water-cement ratio and/or lowest cement content to provide sufficient strength for the specific site conditions.

    d) Highest cement content to get rid of shrinkage cracking because of temperature cycle in mass concrete.

Download Concrete Mix Design Spreadsheet

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