Download the excel sheet to estimate the road construction costs efficiently

Road construction costs are impacted by the various factors like the terrain and soil conditions, road standards, machine and labor costs along with the skill of operators and labors employed.

As soon as the primary conditioning factors are recognized with the use of figures from equivalent road construction projects, reasonable cost estimates can be simply obtained.

It is suggested to decompose, labor and machine costs into various components to simplify the process for estimating & forecasting road costs as well as comparing different costs.

Decomposition is done in the following ways:-

  • Crushing gravel
  • Gravelling, grading and compacting
  • Construction and environment protection works (bridges, retaining structures and soil stabilization works).
  • Miscellaneous work (like transport, delivery and minor earth works)
  • Project servicing costs

As soon as the costs are estimated for the different components, unit costs (costs per m, per m3, per piece of construction work) should have been generated to simplify the cost estimating process in future road projects and for relative purposes.

Download Road Construction Costs Spreadsheet

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