Download excel sheet to prepare bar bending schedule for Box Culvert

Bar bending schedule aka schedule of bars belongs to a list of reinforcement bars with reference to a stipulated RCC work item. BBS is arranged in a tabular form to get rid of any visual problem.

Bar bending schedule is created beforehand prior to cutting and bending of rebars.

Detailed reinforcement cutting and bending length are included in bar bending schedule. By utilizing bending schedule along with reinforcement detailed drawing, the quality of construction is improved significantly as well as huge time is curtailed for accomplishing concrete construction works.

The bar bending schedule includes all the necessary details of bars which involve diameter, shape of bending, length of each bent and straight portions, angles of bending, total length of each bar, and number of each type of bar.

Developing and keeping bar bending schedule data at construction sites is one of the most lingering and laborious tasks. Producing lists of reinforcement steel bars with size, number of bars, cutting length, weight of steel and a sketch demonstrating the shape of the bar that should be bent with all dimensions and bend angle is a vital task in each construction site that requires too much amount of time for data entry and calculations.

Benefits of bar bending schedule:-

With the formation of a bar schedule, and organize them as per the lengths, it will result in cutting bar inexpensively as well as minimizing the bar cutting wastages.

It becomes simple to deal with the reinforcement stock neessary for identified time duration.

It will facilitate to fabrication of R/F with structure.

Download Bar Bending Schedule for Box Culvert Spreadsheet

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