Download a wide array of excel spreadsheet for making structural engineering calculations

Download an extensive lists of excel spreadsheets & calculators which are very useful for making perfect structural engineering calculations.

These spreadsheets can be used for the calculation reinforced concrete, steel, composite beams, steel connections etc.

Reinforced Concrete – In this category, there are different types of spreadsheets for different purposes.

Use the spreadsheet for creating design of rectangular RC sections under bi-axial shear, bending, compression or tension. This spreadsheet adheres to BS 8110-1 standard.

The spreadsheet can be used for creating design of concrete structures that sustain aqueous liquids. The spreadsheet adheres to BS 8007 & BS 8110 standards.

This spreadsheet can be used for making design of RC rectangular beam. It follows the standard of BS 8110 : Part 1 & 2.

This spreadsheet is applied for creating design of RC columns. It abides by the BS 8110.

This spreadsheet is very useful for creating the design of rectangular, T-shaped, or circular RC columns. This spreadsheet follows Eurocode 2 standard.

This spreadsheet is utilized for making design of RC circular columns.

This spreadsheet can help in making the design of retaining wall due to lateral and verigcal loads.

In steel category, there are also various types of spreadsheets.

This spreadsheet is useful for Compression Resistance for UKB, UKC, and Hollow sections. It follows BS EN 1993-1-1 standard.

This spreadsheet is suitable for Bending Resistnace for UKB, UKC (against major axis). It adheres to BS EN 1993-1-1 standard.

This spreadsheet is ideal for Combined Bending and Axial Compression Check for UKB, UKC. It abides by BS EN 1993-1-1 standard.

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