How to estimate the cost of any RCC building with excel sheet

A final rate is settled for any specific item after cautiously evaluating the factors which are liable to impact the rate of that item. In this way, the rate of any specific item is defined.

The rates of any specific item of work are based on the following factors:-

  • Specifications of works and material concerning their quality, ratio and construction operation process.
  • The materials quality and related costs.
  • Labor cost and wages.
  • Position of site of work and extents from source and conveyance charges.
  • The cost of overhead and establishment
  • Profit

Materials costs at source and at construction site

  • The materials costs are selected when the materials are supplied at job site.

The objectives of rate analysis:-

  • To calculate the actual cost of per unit of the items.
  • To calculate the reasonable application of materials and processes to finish the specific items.
  • To determine the costs of additional items which are not arranged in the contract bond but these should be performed by adhering to the regulations of the departments.
  • To modify the schedule of rates owning to surge in the materials costs and labor or modification in technology.

Labor costs:-

  • Mason/Brick Layer Class I = Rs. 100.00 each day
  • Mason/Brick Layer Class II = 80.00 each day
  • Men mazdoor = Rs. 60.00 per day
  • Women mazdoor = Rs. 60.00 per day
  • Mixing charges of cement mortar = Rs. 16.00 per m3

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