How to make the design of a eccentrically loaded column in excel

This construction video tutorial will teach you how to design eccentrically loaded column for reinforced concrete structure with the use of excel based program.

Eccentric loading on column is defined as when the load operating on the column is offset from the centroid of the column, then it settles the bending of column in conjunction with the axial stress. It also occurs with continuous beams over a column or wind loading.

Eccentric Loading Design

Due to the existence of combined stresses, it is not possible to compare the axial stress to a limit axial stress or a bending stress to a limit bending stress. Instead, a limit known as the interaction diagram is applied. The diagram is streamlined as a straight line from the ratio of axial stress to allowable stress= 1 (no bending) to the ratio of bending stress to allowable stress = 1 (no axial load). The interaction diagram will be more complicated (illustrated with a curve in place of a straight line). These type of diagrams capture the consequence of the bending moment increasing since the beam deflects. This is described as the P-Δ (P-delta) effect.

Download Eccentrically Loaded Column Spreadsheet

To learn the detail calculation process with excel, go through the following construction video tutorial.

Video Courtesy : Samotech

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