Tips to create bar bending schedule of slab

In this construction video tutorial you will learn how to determine bar bending schedule of RCC slab. The video is specifically created for quantity surveyors. Bar Bending Schedule helps the quantity surveyor to consolidate the number of bars required of each bar type.

You will be able to calculate the weight of steel easily. The video will help you to find out cut length of bar, total length of bar, weight of bar as well as estimation of different parts.

Bar Bending Schedule or BBS contains an extensive list that focuses on the location, mark, type, size, length and number, and bending details of every bar or fabric in a Reinforcement Drawing concerning a Structure.

This method of itemizing the location, type and size, number of and all other details is known as “Scheduling”. With reference to Reinforcement bars, it is defined as bar scheduling. In brief, Bar Bending Schedule is a method of arranging rebars for each structural unit, providing brief reinforcement requirements.

In a bar bending schedule, the following columns are included:-

  • Bar number/Bar Mark Reference
  • Bar shape
  • Diameter
  • Spacing
  • Length of bar
  • Cutting Length
  • Number of bars

Most of the information in a BBS is available in reinforcement drawings of the structural unit. Bar shape, diameter, length and spacing is directly provided in the schedule just by observing at the drawings, which contain detailed dimensioning.

There exist 16 various types of slabs in construction. The thickness of slab usually fluctuates among 4″ to 8″. Normally, thickness of slab is taken as 6″ (0.15m). For heavy loads, the thickness of slabs is taken as 8.

Methods to work out the Reinforcement necessary for Slab:-

1. Subtract the cover for determining bar length.
2. Assess the length of the distribution bar
3. Measure the Value of ‘D’ (Depth of slab- Top cover- Bottom cover)
4. Determine the No. of Bars
5. Calculate the Total wt of steel necessary for slab reinforcement.

Download Bar Bending Schedule Slab Spreadsheet

To learn the detailed process, watch the following video

Video Courtesy : Engr WASEEM RAJA

bar bending schedule of slab