TRUSS4 – An exclusive software for roof truss design

TRUSS4 is a useful software intended for designing roof truss. It is specifically useful for manufacturers of timber trusses containing punched metal fasteners.

TRUSS4 has diverse applications in all parts of the truss production which range from structure modeling and structural analyses, economic calculations to manufacturing documentation and production control.

This construction software contains user-friendly user interface having 2D and 3D workspace.

Quickly perform structural design and verification on the basis of selected design standard.

It offers full manufacturing documentation of project along with controlling files for CNC machines.

The software comprises of brief analysis of economic characteristics concerning the project.

TRUSS4 version 10 is the most updated version released in December 2016. It includes the following features :-

  • End cuts are produced in the software Truss 3D
  • Expanded choices for manufacturing documentation and saw exports
  • Expanded table in “Truss check”
  • Choice of detail in step down hip
  • New printing options
  • National annex for Austria

To download a demo version, click on the following link.

Truss4 software

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