Benefits and Drawbacks of Total Station

Definition of Total Station

Now-a-days “Total Station” is the most popular software for surveyors to use on the job site. A total station is created by combining an electronic theodolite, an electronic distance measuring device (EDM) and a micro processor containing memory unit with the purpose of finding out the coordinates concerning a reflector that arranges the instruments cross hairs on the reflector and at the same time work out the vertical and horizontal angles and slope distances. The recording, readings and the necessary calculation are performed through a micro processor situated in the instrument.

Benefits of Total Station

  • With the application of laser plummets, the setting of the instrument on the tripod can be done quickly.
  • On- board area computation allows the users to work out the area of the field.
  • Well suited with local language.
  • Computerization of old maps.
  • Calculation for area can be performed more precisely.

  • Graphical view of plots and land for quick.
  • Incorporation of data base.
  • Complete GIS formation (with map info software).
  • The calculation can be made as per the requirements of the users.
  • Once the field jobs are completed, the map of the area with dimensions is prepared after transmission of data.
  • It saves huge time. It can calculate up to 3 to 5 Km distance.

Drawbacks of Total Station

  • At the time of surveying, it becomes complicated for the surveyor to monitor and examine the work.
  • To evaluate the survey completely, it is essential to get back to the office and produce the drawings with proper software.
  • The instrument is expensive. The competent persons are needed to operate the surveys with total station.

When the total station is used, the following safety measures should be undertaken

  • In order to grasp the total station handle, both hands should be used.
  • Preserve the battery pack with the battery discharged.
  • Any of the clamp screws should not over tighten.

  • Maintain sufficient consistency to install the tripod.
  • It is recommended not to carry a tripod with the total station fixed on it, rather than centering.
  • Take proper precaution at the time of extracting the tribrach from the total station.

Benefit and Drawbacks of Totatl Station