‘Surveying Volume 1’ is an exclusive e-book for surveyors

B.C. Punmia, Ashok Kumar Jain and Arun Kumar Jain have jointly written an exclusive e-book for surveyor alias ‘Surveying Volume 1’

Surveying - Vol. 1 is a very useful guide book toward Civil Engineers who are taking lessons on plane and geodetic surveying methodologies. The first volume sheds light on both the theoretical concepts and their practical applications.

There are twenty four chapters in this exclusive construction e-book, some of which cover Trigonometrical Levelling, Contouring, Setting Out Works, and Tacheometric Surveying. The first chapter highlights the basic definitions and concepts. Brief explanation is provided for each and every chapter and the chapters are supported with appropriate illustrations of their practical use. Besides, the authors have provided an extensive range of numerical instances for making the book informative to the readers. The most exciting feature of this book is that it consists of methodologies which are ideal for both older and newer machineries. Surveying - Vol. 1 also briefly focuses on instrumental corrections essential for the execution when Civil Engineers are engaged in surveying.

Surveying - Vol. 1 is enriched with different types of application-based problems, which can facilitate the readers to improve their skills and get an idea on the exact situation to use these methods throughout examinations. New advanced problems are also provided in the first volume, with the purpose of allowing individuals to prepare for competitive examinations.

The book is available in paperback format. The book can be purchased from Amazon with the following link.
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‘Surveying Volume 1’ is an exclusive e-book for surveyors