Total Station is a useful construction tool for surveying professionals

The “total station” is a useful tool that provides huge benefits to the surveyors. The total station integrates an electronic theodolite, an electronic distance measuring device (EDM) and a micro processor having memory unit. With this combination, it becomes easier to define the coordinates of a reflector that arranges the instruments cross hairs on the reflector and as well as compute the vertical and horizontal angles and slope distances at the same time. A micro processor in the instrument is used for looking out of recording, readings and the necessary calculation.

Benefits of Total Station

  • Instant setting of the instrument on the tripod with laser plummet.
  • On-board area calculation programme to work out the field area.
  • Local language support.
  • Complete GIS formation (by applying mapinfo software).
  • Computerization of old maps.
  • Area calculation becomes more perfect.
  • Graphical view of plots and land for fast addition of data base.
  • The area calculation at any user requisite scale.
  • The field jobs are completed, the map of the area with dimensions is quickly prepared as soon as data is transmitted.
  • It curtails the time as well as calculate up to 3 to 5 Km distance.

Drawbacks of Total Station

  • It becomes problematic for the surveyors to peruse and evaluate the work at the time of surveying.
  • The device is very expensive. The knowledgeable professionals are needed for executing the surveying work with total station.
  • To make an overall analysis of the survey, it is required to get back to the office and arrange the drawings by applying authentic software.

Before utilizing Total Station, the following safety measures should be initiated :

1. Both hands should be utilized to grasp the handle of the total station.
2. Arrangement of the tripod should be more substantial as possible.
3. Do not shift or convey a tripod with the total station fixed on it, apart from centering.
4. Accumulate the battery pack with the battery discharged.
5. Be refrain from over tightening any of the clamp screws.
6. Be extremely cautious when the tribrach is detached from the total station.

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Total Station is a useful construction tool for surveying professionals

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