How to create the design of a square reinforced concrete column adhering to ACI codes

This is another useful presentation from S.L.Khan. This video is based on the previous video where you have gathered knowledge on various needs of tie and spiral column. Here, you will learn the designing process for a square tie column adhering to ACI codes and the needs of tie and spiral column.

The column is designed in the following six steps:-

1) Define design axial load = pu

2) Assume a reinforcement ratio. Remember must from ACI 318 it must be between 1% to 8%

3) Workout section (cross section area of the column) to obtain size or gross area = Ag

4) Applying that gross area, compute amount of reinforcement with same gross cross section area of column = Ast (helps in calculation of main steel bars)

5) Guess concrete cover ( best value possibly 1.5 in )

6) Perform detailing check. (to verify that the columns are acceptable and according to codes)

In the video, solution is given on the following problem:-

Problem: Design a square tie column to withstand an axial dead load of 135 kip and an axial live load of 175 kip. Start with 2% Ast of gross cross section are of column and take fc’ = 4ksi (strength of concrete), fy = 60 ksi (other steel strength)

To get the solution, watch the following video tutorial.

Video Courtesy : SL Khan

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