Detail information on earth work of road embankment

In this construction video tutorial throws light on different topics which are very useful for civil engineering and quantity surveying fields.

The following topics are covered in the video:-

- Earthwork of Road Embankment

- Mean Depth Method

- What is Quantity Surveying

- Earthwork Calculation

- Earthwork Estimation

- Earthwork Construction Cost Estimate

- Earthwork Construction

- Earthwork Calculation

- Earthwork Calculation Excel Sheet

The embankment is required if the sub grade line of highway is elevated over the present ground level.

The embankment materials should contain the strength and durability. On the jobsite, locating soil will be ideal for embankment foundation.

All materials utilized in the construction of highway embankments, fills, subgrades, and subbases are derived from the Earth. Most of these materials are natural in origin, i.e. they are produced because of geologic processes which happen naturally instead of synthetic materials which are produced because of industrial processes (i.e. slag, flyash).

Download Earthwork Calculation Excel Sheet

To get more detail information, go through the following construction video tutorial.

Video Courtesy : Engr WASEEM RAJA

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