How to compute the volume of a Cement Bag

This construction tutorial video is based on how to workout the volume of a cement bag. Go through the following process mentioned in the video to calculate it easily. The process along with the calculation should be followed perfectly.

At first write the density of cement, that is 1440kg/m3.

So that 1m3= 1440kg. And the weight of a cement bag is of 50kg.

Then how to calculate the volume of 1bag cement?

As we know that volume of 1m3= 35.3147cft. Then we can calculate mass divided by density?

As a result, we can dividing the weight of a bag of cement with the density of cement we get the cubic meter i.e. 50/1440 = 0.0347 cum.

In the calculation of the volume of 1 bag cement, at first we find out the 1 cement bag to how much cubic meter. Then the volume of one bag of cement will come out easily i.e. 0.0347*35.3147 =1.225 cft.

Please go through the following link, it's can help you for easy calculation of Volume to Weight conversion

Volume to Weight conversion Calculator

To get online demonstration, watch the following video.

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Cement bag volume