How to determine the weight of steel

In this construction video tutorial, you will learn the process for determining the unit weight of steel bars.

The determine the unit weight, the following formula is used:-

W= D^2/162.2, here D denotes diameter of the steel bar

The formula is derived from the following concept:-

Weight = density x volume

It can also be demonstrated as weight = density x (area x length)

As we know, density of steel= 7850 kg/m^3,

Length= 1 m &

Area = pi x d^2/ 4

Therefore, weight = (7850 x (3.14/4) d^2 x 1000) / (10^9)

= d^2 x 0.00616225; it is also written as

= (d^2/1) x (0.00616225/1)

= d^2 / (1/162.2)

= d^2/162.2

Watch this video for getting more clear ideas

Video Courtesy : We Civil Engineers

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