How to measure plot areas with different sizes

In this construction video tutorial, you will get some useful tips for measuring any plot area in square feet with different sizes.

The length of the plot is taken as 100 feet and breadth is 30 feet 6 inches.

Area of plot = Length x Width = 100 x 30´6” = 100 x 30.50 (after converting 6” into feet)

= 3050 square feet

If you want to determine the area of another plot say plot 53 with length 23 feet 6 inches and width 15 feet 9 inches.

So, area of plot will be determined by multiplying both length and width of the plot i.e. length x width = 23´6” x 15´9” = 23.50 x 15.75 (since 6” = .50 feet and 9” = .75 feet)

= 370.125 square feet

For a square you should locate the length of one of the sides (as each side contains the equivalent length) and then multiply this by itself to determine the area.

To get more details, go through the following video tutorial.

Video Courtesy : fieldwork expert

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