How to place rebar/reinforcement stirrups for concrete beam by hand

This construction video tutorial will teach you how to create Rebar / Reinforcement Steel Stirrups for concrete beams by hand.

The depth in concrete beams comes in different dimensions. The shear strength of the beam will be increased if it has more depth. In case of lower depth, the steel stirrups should be included to enhance the shear strength of the beam. These stirrups normally belong to one piece of steel to be curved into a rectangular shape. Generally, small diameter steel like #3 and #4 rebar is utilized. The stirrup normally covers the bottom and top bars of the beams.

Stirrup facilitates the reinforcements to position straight when load is applied on it.

In beams and columns the shear force is maximum in the ends. Therefore, often it is required to utilize bentup bars or stirrups as per situations. Because of shear force, the beam and columns may shift in outer direction and in order to retain them undamaged as well as withstand shear force, the stirrups are useful.

Given below, some vital point about stirrups:-

  • Rectangular stirrups – It allows to retain the primary in exact position at enforcement bar which resist the column and beam from buckling.
  • If stirrups is arranged diagonally and vertically, it withstands shear failure that normally occurs because of cracks in the beam. The diagonal stirrups are used against compression and tension resulting from transverse and lateral tension.

  • The spacing and placement of stirrups is a vital factor because it should be arranged where there exist high scopes of shearing like underneath a larger load and bearing part.
  • It facilitates to maintain the reinforcement in a straight line as well as put in strength to the structure at crucial point of possible vulnerability.

Watch the following construction video tutorial to get more clear ideas.

Video Courtesy : Dr. Chirag N. Patel

Rebar/Reinforcement Stirrups