How to slope deflection method for analyzing a building frame

In this construction video tutorial, one will be familiar with slope-deflection method that can be used to evaluate a frame structure in a bungalow. In this video, the process is discussed to find out the highest positive bending moment in the middle portion of the long horizontal beam under the design live load.

The slope deflection method belongs to a structural analysis method for beams and frames. The rotation angles (or the slope angles) are measured with the formation of slope deflection equations and the use of joint and shear equilibrium conditions. Replacing them back into the slope deflection equations, member end moments are instantly found. Deformation of member occurs because of the bending moment.

This method is suitable for various types of statically indeterminate beams and frames and under this method, solution is provided for unidentified joint rotations, which are described by means of applied loads and the bending moment.

This method is dependent on the following rules:-

  • All the joints of the frame are unyielding.
  • Distortion because of axial and shear stresses, which are very insignificant, are omitted.

Uses of slope deflection method:-

  • Continuous beam
  • Frames which do not have side sway
  • Frames which have side sway

To gather more information, watch the following video tutorial.

Video Courtesy : Dr. Structure

slope deflection method