How to study the culvert drawing with various section cuts

Every newbie civil engineering students must go through this construction video tutorial to learn the process for studying the drawings of various types of culverts with complicated sections and shapes. One will also learn how to use these drawings in the construction site practically.

The video is made on a box culvert with dimension 7 feet x 7 feet i.e it’s internal span is 7 x 7 feet.

Section cut of the culvert is provided with 24 inches diameter R.C.C pipe culvert. The ratio of RCC is 1:2:4. The premix carpet should be provided on the top portion. The ratio of PCC is 1:4:8 and it should be arranged in below. The spacing from below should be 6 inches.

The spacing from side should be kept 9 inches and the spacing from should be kept 12 inches. The pipes should arrange in middle portion.

To get the detail dimensions of other section cuts, go through the following construction video tutorial.

Video Courtesy : F&U-FORYOU

culvert drawing