Some vital points to be followed by a site civil engineer

This construction video tutorial highlights some crucial points which should be taken into consideration by a site civil engineer to utilize on the jobsite to get rid of errors in the site.

1) The concrete should be dropped from a maximum allowable height of 1.5 m or 5’

2) Water absorption of bricks should not surpass 15%

3) The least density of slab should be 125 mm or 5”

4) Lapping is disallowed for the bars which contain a diameter of 36 mm.

5) Minimum bars allowed for the square columns are 4 numbers and 6 numbers for circular columns.

6) Main bars provided in slabs should not be under 8 mm for High Yielding Strength Deformed bars or HYSD bars and 10 mm for plain bars and 8 mm for distributors bar. High Yielding Strength Deformed bars contain more yield strength as compared to mild steel. HYSD bars are graded as Fe 415 or Fe500.

7) Allowable compressive strength of bricks should be 3.5 N/m2

8) While conducting soil filling with adherence to IS codes, 3 samples should be selected for core cutting test each 100 m2 area to check the compaction, moisture etc.

To get the online demonstration, watch the following video.

Video Courtesy : F&U-FORYOU

Important points for civil Site-engineer